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Operator/Driver Safety First Campaign


Circle-Check and Proper Pre-Trip Inspections are an integral part of safety preventative measures in the transportation industry and yet, often incomplete, shortened, over looked or worse forgotten.

The proper pre-trip inspection consists of a walk around a single or combination vehicle visually inspecting various equipment items listed on a checklist, in which the driver looks for broken wires, loose bolts, cracks in metal, lights that do not work, flat tires or other damage which could affect the safe operation of the single or combination vehicle.

Having a daily reminder to perform these checks can only be a step in the right direction. 

As a responsible employer you can emphasize the responsibility of a driver to ensure his vehicle is safe. 

Our solution?

We recommend transportation and fleet safety professionals handout our  LeClasp™ Key Holder and Personal Safety Device to drivers imprinted with a "SAFETY FIRST" Circle-Check Inspection message predominantly display on the front

Drivers of semi-trailers, school/commercial buses, tractors, lift trucks, etc. will utilize LeClasp™ every single day, SEE the safety message on average 16 times per day and be REMINDED 5840 per year (365*16).  Now... multiply the yearly measurement by our recommended replacement time of 3+ years.   

We believe the most significant impact will occur when children, a spouse, friends, sports teammates, co-workers, etc. workers asked questions about the what's/who's/where's/when's/why's SAFETY FIRST message displayed on the LeClasp™.  In a relaxed setting, workplace safety (and HOME) will be discussed with

Yes... the LeClasp™ can be an effective tool for fleet safety supervisors to get daily safety reminders across

Checkout our in-stock LeClasp Safety First Branded Items.

Hmmm.... Drivers may enjoy this LeClasp™ function too... Fighting the Cold Winter Elements

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