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Preventing Jewellery-Related Injuries in Sports:

Soccer League Policies


Spring 2008


MHYSA, along with Boston Ara Youth Soccer (BAYS), places player safety as one of the top priorities. If you would like the specific details on these issues, please check the BAYS Rule Book which can be found on the BAYS website (see our links).

  1. NO Jewelry of any kind can be worn during a game and should not be worn during practices.  This includes necklaces, rings, watches, bracelets barrettes, belts and earrings.  Sorry folks, but taping or putting bandages over the earrings do not count.  If your child comes to a game with any kind of jewelry on, they will not be allowed to play until the situation is resolved.  (Medic Alert's and items of religious nature can be left on as long as they are taped over and secured.)

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  2. NO Casts - players with plaster casts or hard splints even if padded, cannot play - even with parental or medical approval.

Ultimately, the decision is up to the Referee.

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