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Sports Safety Division

( Teams, Leagues, Associations, Schools, Gyms, Sports Tournaments & Events, etc. )


Preventing Jewellery-Related Injuries in Sports:

Sports Safety And Jewellery

(Safety Initiative to Help Prevent Jewellery-Related Accidents Injuries)


As you are aware, it is recommended to remove jewellery when participating in physical education activities (indoor and outdoor facilities)


That's why coaches and parents are constantly hounding children to remove ear studs, nose rings, watches, rings anklets and other hanging accessories that could cause harm or be broken. 


Jewellery-related sports accidents and injuries can happen when jewellery worn by participants:

  1. Comes in contact with players on his\her or opposing team members (football, soccer, hockey, basketball, martial arts, etc.)


  2. Comes in contact with sporting equipment (gym training equipment, walls at the gym, fences in parks, pools, etc.)


  3. Or... just for comfort to prevent blisters, cuts and contusions


For this reason, it is a strict safety rule in most sports leagues  (esp. contact sports à la basketball, football, hockey, self defence classes) to remove any-and-all jewellery BEFORE a practice, training in a gym and competing in a game.


By removing these pieces of jewellery and other items of this nature, sports leagues can prevent injuries that could be disfiguring.


Earrings in particular are prone to being torn from earlobes when contact is made. 


New Sports League Safety Handout to help Prevent Jewellery-Related Injuries in Sports


As part of a new team or league safety initiative, we recommended handing out LeClasp Sports Jewellery Holders to amateur sports participants, professional athletes and team sports members of ALL ages.


The convenient LeClaspTM Jewellery Holder is a compact, portable "jewellery box" that effortlessly clasps up to 95% of all size and shape jewellery.


A simply squeeze on the thumb pads and voila, your jewellery is kept safe, secure and protected as one - ready for safekeeping in a gym locker or sports bag  


As well, athletes ultimately lose less valuable and precious jewellery too.


The jewellery holders assists team coaches and managers raise awareness, facilitating enforcement on a daily basis and preventing jewellery-related injuries and accidents.


Recommended sports safety handout for contact sports leagues and governing bodies; sport federations and foundations; recreational and leisure sport facilities (arenas, swimming and tennis complexes, self defense schools, golf clubs); academic institutions (high school, colleges and universities as well as an occasional elementary school), sports training institutes (camps, parks, private and corporate gyms, self defense schools), sports corporate sponsors and tournament coordinators.



The LeClaspTM Sports Jewellery Holder can be purchased decorated with choice of sports figures on the Front Side. Explicate instruction leaflets are tucked in the poly bag packaging.


Optionally the Back Side can be decorated with the team crest, gym\club\school emblem or sponsor (s) logos.


The LeClasp™ Sports Jewellery Holders start at $7.19.  Add $1.50 for back side logo. more



SPORTS FLIER - LeClasp Sports Jewellery Holder


SPORTS PRICE LIST - LeClasp Sports Jewellery Holder Price List

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