One Patent.

Two Products. And... 800,000 units sold in Canada.


Tis Icy Fingers For All Those

 Who Don't Own One!




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LeClasp Custom Decorated (Logoed) Orders:

Step 3 - Pick out your packaging

You can select from two (2) Standard or five (5) Luxury packaging:


Download Packaging Options 


bulletStandard Packaging - Zip Lock Poly Bags - N/C

Standard-size -

2"X3" presentation-quality

zip lock poly bags

Great for in-house

employee giveaways.



Business Card Size -

3"X4" presentation-quality

zip lock poly bags

Our Most Popular

Packaging Choice...

client giveaways!


bulletLuxury Packaging (Black) - $1.10


Velour Drawstring


2" W X 3" H

Nice and snug...

Velour Drawstring


2 1/2" W X 31/2" H

Popular choice...


Gift Box

1 3/4" W X 2 1/2" H



Scallop Leatherette


3" W X 4" H



bulletP.O.P. Plexi-Glass Displays (3-sizes, call for pricing)

  Click image for detailed information

P.s. 2 of 3 orders ship packaged in the business card size presentation-quality Ziploc poly bags.


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